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Information Superhighway-men

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Nothing special to write. Just like to share a little frustration I got after searching for some good documentaries that fall on the “War on Terror” category. Expecting something like Iraq Diary or Shadow Company, Google gave its top results about 9-11 conspiracy theories instead.

Oh golly gee whiz.

It’s hard to imagine I used to believe in this 9-11 mumbo jumbo. Then again there was a time I also believed the things Micheal Moore said. It’s scary how these theories and information/misinformation would start and unknowingly crawl up your spine towards your mind if you’re not careful enough to distinguish what these people are really up to, besides questioning their government by wearing your freedom as if a bulletproof vest  while claiming themselves to be your “voice” or more appropriately, the people’s voice – Rosie O’Donnell types of people, maybe.

The internet has been haven for interesting characters. Its been described as the new wild west. So far I feel slightly disturbed that these oddballs’ contents had to be the first line of information given to you, especially when it concerns a very sensitive issue and as important and occuring , Global War on Terrorism.

Note: Commenting or even expressing disagreement on what they believe and you endanger yourself from getting rained on by profanity, vulgarity, derogatory nouns such as republican bigot, a redneck, conservative idiot, warmonger and even mugged, internet-style.

A little surprising for a none American like me that defending the United States I suddenly become one though pejoratively.


Written by humanfarm

February 24, 2009 at 11:22 pm